Here is a list of external resources we think you might find helpful when considering the question, “What do I do with my life?”  Please note: Although we recommend these links, Project Living is not responsible for their content.

  • NPR’s Morning Edition Interview with Po Bronson, author of “What Should I Do With My Life?”  His “four wrong presumptions” we tend to make, which he mentions in the middle of the interview, are particularly noteworthy.
  • Penn State student Courtney Herring writes about enjoying where you are presently as a means to live into the future.
  • This is a great video that captures the reality of the relationship between young adults and the church.  It’s worth a view if you’re a young adult or not.
  • …in the Meantime is a site dedicated to faith, theology, living life, and vocation.  You should check it out.
  • Rob Bell, the author of the book “Love Wins,” speaks in this interview about how to break the barriers on our understanding of God’s call.  Definitely worth a look.
  • We love that we have this site up and running for you. We also love when we discover others hovering around the same idea! Check out The High Calling.
  • Here is a resource from the Allegheny Synod’s Project Connect Team (the great group of people who got this website off the ground) that offers some group conversation starters grounded in Scripture. OK. OK. For this one, we ARE in fact responsible for its content.