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Why I Garden

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I’m aware that not all the work of gardening will be done in one fell swoop (a lesson I’m learning more and more as a reality of life). I begin to see connections between the work that I do with the dirt and the work that I do elsewhere.


When Life Gets Chaotic

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“When my life gets too complicated, chaotic, or unbalanced I turn to these words from Psalm 46. They remind me of two things…”


A Bigger Idea about Budgets

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“If the decisions that we make are in direct relation to God’s love for us then each time we swipe our debit cards we are using God’s money. Are we making good decisions with God’s resources that we are managing for him?”

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Podcast – Money

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Mike shares the microphone with Pastor Kelley Baxter, who serves in Pine Grove Mills, PA. The discussion centers around how God calls us to use and view money.


A Major Money Myth

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“Everything about today’s world teaches us that money is so critical that a good life, a good love, a good career is impossible without it. I want you to rest assured the money thing will always work out if you follow God’s call on your life for a vocation that truly lets your light shine.”


A Bishop Speaks About Passion

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“I look forward to those moments when I am ‘crunching numbers’. But numbers are not people. You see I am also an extravert who loves being with and engaging people.”

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When Life and Passions Change

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“Years ago, I certainly imagined I would live out my passions for animals and for children differently than I actually do. But the sense I have that I can (and must) do something with those passions didn’t disappear when I decided not to be a vet or a teacher.”